Dancing with the Faeries


The Fay they came to me one day
My free will They took away.
They held me up on puppets strings
Mesmerized by iridescent wings.
They made me dance and skip the wild
Made me feel like a child.
I danced until my bones did break
I skipped on and held my weight.
The faeries took my hands with glee
With a wicked grin they toyed with me.
Swirling lights and a mocking tone
My soul they kept as their own.
The untamed rhythm and wild thrum
The beating of a distant drum
Whirling twirling the dizzy sound,
Dropping falling to the ground.
The faeries gone the night falls still
I’m left alone on the faerie hill.
I sit and rest then limp on home,
But my soul still dances on its own.


Kiera Capper


One thought on “Dancing with the Faeries

  1. Nicely written with great imagery in your wording, I love the sounds of this line:- The untamed rhythm and wild thrum. Well presented and a joy to read.

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